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MATLAB R2008b is out!

ottobre 11, 2008

Yesterday Mathworks released the ultimate version of the widely used Matlab. Unfortunately the R2008b release doesn’t seem to provide major updates neither in the bioinformatics nor in the systems biology toolbox (where, in particular, support to critical points of SBML is still missing). I’ll wait for the new version in the lab and I’ll let you know the first impressions on that…even though the outlook doesn’t seem to be too encouraging!


USBTex: portable LaTEX distribution

settembre 21, 2008

Today I would like to point you out a quite interesting tool for latex dox editing. It is a portable latex distribution: this means that you can install it on your usb memory (well it’s not a tight distribution…it requires no less than 200 MB) and you can start editing your dox from there without having to install the whole system on your hd. Nice, isn’t it?

This is the link, enjoy!

Matlab R2008a is out

marzo 1, 2008

Mathworks has released today the latest version of its most famous software package, namely MATLAB R2008a (v 7.6). You can find it here. The feeling is that this release includes very few major updates (Mathworks lists 5 major updates, among the others the Optimization and Neural Networks Toolboxes have been changed).  It seems that this time the upgrade should not be compulsory!

Zotero: this is what I was looking for!

febbraio 24, 2008

Some months ago I get acquainted with latex and I was no more able to leave it. I think that bibtex is one of the most intelligent things researchers have done in order to give a systematic appearance to their activity (which is far from systematic, indeed 😀 ). Unfortunately the way bibtex works and the support it has in some relevant fields like computational biology prevents it from reaching a real spread. Some days ago I came across this tool, it’s named Zotero, I thought: “What a strange name for a citation manager…should I take it seriously!?!”. I should have! Zotero is one of the best REALLY INTEGRATED citation manager I’ve ever seen, with the most powerful functionalities (and, among them, the capability to export citations in a number of different formats, bibtex included!). Zotero allows you to take notes on your documents, to store pdfs and it is able to integrate itself with most commong document editors and blogging platforms. Moreover future developments announced on the official site include bibliographic content sharing and all the stuff that a real research 2.0 application should have. Amazing, isn’t it? You should give it a try!

The Systems Biology Toolbox 2 is out!

gennaio 13, 2008

Some days ago Prof. Schmidt and colleagues made the second version of the Systems Biology toolbox for MATLAB publicly available for download. The scientific community waited for this for a long time and now it is out! SBToolbox 2 is the first product since Prof. Schmidt moved to Rostock to join Prof. Wolkenhauer’s group. We will see what these people will do together!