SBTOOLBOX2 v1.1 released!

Henning Schmidt has just sent this announcement about his well known simulation/analsysis package Systems Biology Toolbox 2. He has just released the version 1.1. This is the link and the changelog, check it out!

1.  SBML: Support for the following SBML features has been added:

* Arbitrary event trigger expressions
* Delays and delayed events
* Algebraic rules
* Fast reactions

2. Stoachstic simulation: Bugfix in the SBstochsim function.
Kinetic parameters are now correctly converted to stochastic rate

3. New stoachstic simulation function: I added the SBstochsim2 function that
is able to simulate not only single runs (as the above function) but
also multiple runs and thus can determine the mean values. Furthermore,
it is written completely in MATLAB, so it runs under Windows AND Unix.
It has been optimized for speed. The function uses the Gillespie

4. Minor bug-fixes: SBPDmanualtuning and SBexportSBML functions have been

5. Time varying compartments: The ODEs are built accordingly to take that
into account.

6. MEX File Generation: Updated the MinGW compiler in order to allow correct
C++ MEX file generation.

7. Forum: The Forum has been disabled, since there has been a large amount of

Great work Henning! 😉

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