“myExperiment”: scientific workflows sharing!

How many times have you wondered about scientific validiy of an assumption or an experimental design choice? As stated in the homepage of the project:

“myExperiment introduces the concept of a workflow bazaar; a collaborative environment where scientists can safely publish their creations, share them with a wider group and find the workflows of others. Workflows can now be swapped, sorted and searched like photos and videos on the web.

Scientists should be able to swap workflows and publications as easily as citizens can share documents, photos and videos on the Web. myExperiment owes far more to social networking websites such as MySpace and YouTube than to the traditional portals of Grid computing, and is immediately familiar to the new generation of scientists. The myExperiment provides a personalised environment which enables users to share, re-use and repurpose experiments – reducing time-to-experiment.

Well, I think it’s a quite self-explaining descritption of this service. I think it’s worth a chance!

Link: myExperiment

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